11 Best Air Conditioners in Australia of 2022

Australian summers. Bl**dy scorching one day, hot as Hades the next.

If the only way you keep cool is jumping under the sprinkler in your jocks, well, mate, it’s time to air condition your home. And possibly start saving for the kids’ future therapy.

We can’t help you with the therapy, but we can help you find the best air conditioners in Australia for your budget and lifestyle.

But with all the brands, sizes and features on the market today, finding the ‘best’ air conditioner can be hard yakka.

Of course, you’re not a complete tight ar*se and won’t go with the cheapest one you can find. Imagine the ear-bashing you’ll get when it stops working! I mean, you get what you pay for, right? 

But you do want value for money—a unit that will cool and heat your home effectively and efficiently.

Especially when you consider how much more you may have to dish out to the power company. Plus, you may like your unit to feature all the bells and whistles that make life just that little bit easier.

Welcome to Hello Breeze, where we’ve done the hard yards for you. We’ve got a list of different brands and product ranges so that you can choose the best budget air conditioner, the best unit for a small or large room, or the most energy-efficient.

But first, let’s have a gander at what you need to consider before forking out your hard-earned bucks for a new unit.

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What You Need to Consider?

Room Size

Finding the right-sized unit to suit your space is crucial to its efficiency. Choosing a unit that’s too small or too large will not only affect performance but will be reflected in your power bill. Spoiler alert—wobbly chucking ahead.

This guide will help you choose a suitable air conditioner capacity for your room size.

Room sizeExampleCapacity
Up to 20m2Bedroom, study, small kitchen2 to 2.5kW
From 20 to 40m2Bedroom with an ensuite, small lounge2.5 to 5kW
From 40 to 60m2Large bedroom, mid-sized lounge4 to 6kW
60m2 and aboveOpen-plan areas, large lounge5 to 9kW

But what happens if you don’t hit the ‘Goldilocks’ size?

Too big

The unit may repeatedly run short cycles to achieve the desired temp. Which means:

  • The room becomes too hot or too cold
  • The unit doesn't dehumidify the air enough and leaves you feeling clammy
  • A surge in power, which increases running costs 
  • Faster deterioration on the system
Which is the best air conditioner for your room's size?

Too small

An undersized unit may have to run at max power more often. Which means:

  • The unit dries out the air too much, which affects, eyes, nose and skin
  • More wear and tear on the system
  • Increased power use 

We recommend you choose a model with a capacity that's either just right or slightly higher than you need. For example, let’s say you want to cool the little nipper’s room which is 20m². So, according to the guide, you would choose a unit between 2.0 and 2.5kW. We recommend you upsize slightly and go with the 2.5kW model.


Some systems can generate a bucket-load of noise, which can be super annoying if you’re working or sleeping. A noisy outdoor unit can also p*ss off the neighbours.

Noise level is typically measured in decibels (dBA). Most standard air-con units operate between 40 and 60 dBA.

Not sure how to measure decibels? Let’s put it into context. Watching the news at an average volume—not Grandad volume—usually produces around 60 dBA, and our regular indoor voices reach about 40 dBA. 

How to choose the most quiet air conditioner?

So, if your air-con operates at 60 dBA, it could very well interfere with your convos or your Netflix binge. The quietest units are around 19 to 24 decibels—comparable to the sound of a desk fan.

With the models we’ve listed below, we’ve included a dBA range. The lower number is the unit running at low speed, while the higher number reflects the unit on turbo.

With the models we’ve listed below, we’ve included a dBA range. The lower number is the unit running at low speed, while the higher number reflects the unit on turbo.

Your Location

Where you live can affect the size of air-con you need. For example, North Queenslanders would need a more powerful air conditioner for cooling than the same sized room in Tassie. You’ll also need to consider the orientation of your room’s windows. West or north-facing windows can let in a sh*t load of summer heat. Whereas a south-facing window will be cooler, requiring less energy to cool the room.

If you don't have roof insulation, consider installing it. Not only will it save you money on your power bill in the long run, but you can get away with buying a smaller, cheaper air conditioning unit.

Energy Efficiency

All new air conditioning units come with a Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). The ZERL provides a seasonal efficiency rating for three Aussie climate zones. 

The three climate zones for Australia are:

  • hot, 
  • average, and 
  • cold.
Rating label of the best energy efficient air conditioners

Source: Energy Rating Aust.

This label is designed to help you choose a product that is suitable for your climate zone. Ratings run up to 10 stars for both heating and cooling. Clearly, the more stars, the more energy-efficient your AC unit is. 

What Type of Air Conditioner Should I Get?

Common types of air conditioners in Australia are split systems, evaporative coolers, and gas ducted systems.

The best air conditioners in Australia

Split Systems

The most popular type for Aussie homes is the split system and are commonly found in the more humid spots. These energy-efficient little numbers are ideal for one room or an open-plan space up to 60m2. However, they’re not suitable for extra-large rooms or double-storey properties.

Multi-split Systems

This is simply a split system with one outdoor unit connected to two or more indoor units. Multi-splits are ideal for two or three rooms within cooee of each other.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are super-efficient systems that work by sending hot or cold air through your entire home via a series of ducts installed in your roof or floor. In addition, you can add zoning control to adjust temperatures in individual rooms. Ducted reverse cycle air cons cool down rooms quickly in all climates—especially humid areas.

Evaporative Cooling

With evaporative cooling, a fan within the outdoor unit draws in fresh, dry air from outside across wet cooling pads. The water then evaporates, resulting in cool, filtered air, which passes through vents to selected rooms of your home. This type of cooling is perfect for homes located further away from the equator.

Righto. Now you should have a better idea of what you need and what features to look for. Here are our recommendations for the best air conditioners in Australia. 

Best Ducted Air Conditioners

1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries High Static 

Model: FDUA Series

Capacity: 10.0kW | 12.5kW | 14.0kW

Noise Level: 37-47 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Self-diagnostics function

✓ Compact indoor design

✓ Offers zoning options

What We Don't Like

✗ Not so effective in environments under 4°C

If you’re wondering, “what is the best ducted air conditioner in Australia”?

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUA Series rules supreme. Aussies love the quiet operation, super-fast heating & cooling and ease of operation.

Choose one-phase units with 10 to 14kW for smaller homes or the more powerful three-phase systems with 10 to 20kW, ideal for larger homes.

With the FDUA series of ducted air conditioning systems, you’ll enjoy a range of convenient features and functions.

As well as the usual timer functions and automatic, high-power, and silent modes, you can breathe clean, fresh air at all times. Also, an alert sign warns when it’s time to change the filter.

One nifty feature is the peak-cut timer. This kicks in during peak billing times to minimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

A 600mm built-in drain pump allows greater flexibility with installation, particularly with homes limited on space.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info. 

2. Daikin Ducted Reverse Cycle 

Model: Inverter Series

Capacity: 5.0kW | 6.0kW | 7.1kW | 8.5kW | 10.0kW | 12.5kW | 14.0kW | 15.5kW | 18.0kW | 19.5kW | 20.0kW | 23.5kW

Noise Level: 33-44 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Compact and efficient design

✓ Uses environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant

Aussie-made Daikin ducted systems deliver maximum capacity output in a compact size. Once installed in a new home or an existing one, only the controller, the return air, and discharge grilles are visible.

Not thrilled about entering a house that’s been sitting under the blazing sun all day? Who is, right?! Not only will these units cool your home in a jiffy, but the indoor unit’s fail-safe logic kicks in to regulate the fan speed on startup. 

Why is that important? 

This prevents your system going full boar and chewing through your energy bill. Plus, through the use of cutting-edge technology, the indoor heat exchangers efficiently send the heat packing.

And, lightweight single injection moulded Sirocco fans reduce turbulence for more efficient and quieter airflow.

Available in one or three-phase systems.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info. 

3. Samsung Ducted Reverse Cycle 

Model: Duct S2

Capacity: 5.2kW | 7.1kW | 8.5kW | 10.0kW | 12.0kW | 14.0kW | 16.0kW | 18.0kW | 20.0kW 

Noise Level: 27-44 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Twin BLDC Compressors reduce vibrations by 75%, creating less noise than conventional compressors.

✓ Uses environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant

✓ DRED - Demand Response Enabled Device (for energy savings)

Samsung air conditioner

In 2020, Aussie consumers gave Samsung 4 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for their air conditioners.

Samsung knows all about our mercurial weather patterns! No matter whether you live in arctic temps down to -20°C or tropical temps up to 50°C. These titan-esque inverter systems will provide the ideal temperature control year-round.

And, with no bulky units taking up precious space and an ultra-quiet airflow delivery, you won’t even know it’s there.  

These days, all units can connect to Wi-Fi. You can download the Samsung SmartThings App and control your system at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime.

Available in one or three-phase systems.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info. 

4. Panasonic Inverter Ducted Reverse Cycle

Capacity: 6.0kW | 7.1kW | 10.0kW | 12.5kW | 14.0kW | 16.0kW

Noise Level: 40-51 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Ultra-efficient in high heat areas

✓ Integrates well with MyAir 

✓ Heats and cools quickly

What We Don't Like

✗ Noisy

Panasonic air conditioner

Panasonic ducted systems will provide years of climate comfort and add value to your home.

During the start-up period, the premium inverter ducted system operates with high power levels to cool down your home faster than conventional air conditioners.

These robust systems can deal with outdoor temps up to 46ºC and down to -20ºC. All while reducing wasteful operation, giving you more significant energy saving and better performance.

Available in one or three-phase systems.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info.

5. Fujitsu Ducted Reverse Cycle High Static

Capacity: 10.5kW 12.5kW | 14.0kW | 15.8kW | 20.3kW | 25.0kW

Noise Level: 34-45 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ User-friendly functions

✓ Filters dust & pollen effectively

✓ Connect up to 8 zones

What We Don't Like

✗ Noisy compressor

Fujitsu Air Conditioning in Melbourne

What is the best air conditioner brand in Australia? Well, the people have spoken. They have voted Fujitsu as the most trusted brand in the air conditioning category for 3 years running.

Fujitsu’s ducted systems are small in size but uncompromising on power. You can control all the system’s functions at the touch of a button via a wall-mounted LCD controller.

The high static operation allows for an increased number of air ducts while providing flexible installation options for the best space.

Features like DC rotary compressors, DC fan motors, and programmable systems deliver kick-butt energy efficiency.

Available in one or three-phase systems.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info. 


One of the best things about ducted air conditioning units is zoning. Each zone in your home has its own independent thermostat. This means you can set which rooms receive cool or warm air and different temperatures for each! 

Using a controller such as MyAir Air Conditioning, you can take charge of the climate in every corner of your home—no matter where you are! 

Best Split System Air Conditioners

6. Mitsubishi Electric Reverse Cycle 

Model: AP Series

Capacity: 2.5kW | 3.5kW | 4.2kW | 4.8kW | 6.0kW | 7.1kW | 7.8kW

Noise Level: 19-53 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Whisper-quiet operation

✓  Energy-efficient R32 refrigerant 

✓ High-speed heating and cooling

Mitsubishi Electric in Melbourne

What are the best reverse cycle air conditioners in Australia? Mitsubishi Electric’s wall-mounted A/C units win hands down regarding value for money, performance, low running costs and silence.

These energy-saving units are engineered for high performance. Moreover, the slim design blends nicely with a modern home interior.

Control your unit from your phone, laptop, tablet, smart-watch, or computer. The advanced control technology fills homes with warmth during the coldest winters and clean, cool air during those summer scorchers.

Do you get annoyed by bright lights and operational noises from your unit while you’re getting your beauty sleep? Well, not anymore! Switch your unit to Night Mode and snooze away.

Plus, the whole family can breathe easier, as the Dual Barrier Coating reduces dirt and dust build-up for cleaner, fresher air.

Visit the manufacturer’s site or our site for more info. 

7. Samsung Reverse Cycle 

Model: Bedarra Series

Capacity: 2.5kW | 3.5kW | 5.0kW | 7.0kW 

Noise Level: 32-57 dBA

Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

✓ Energy-efficient cooling
✓ Reaches set temperature quickly

What We Don't Like

✗ Low energy-efficiency for heating

✗ Noisy

Samsung air conditioner

Samsung understands the harsh temps we have to deal with here in Oz. 

Set the unit to auto mode to automatically heat or cool your spaces and easily maintain the set temp. 

When you hit the land of nod, the sleep functions maintain a comfortable airflow direction and fan speed, so you don’t wake up shivering to death.

The Bedarra model also features a Demand Response Enabled Device (D.R.E.D.) to allow you to limit your power consumption during peak periods. 

This helps to reduce the power strain on the local electricity network. But also, it’ll help you fork over less money to the utility company come bill time. Win-win.

8. Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Split System Lifestyle Range

Capacity: 2.5kW | 3.5kW | 5.0kW | 6.0kW | 7.1kW | 8.5kW | 9.4kW
Noise Level: 19-52 dBA
Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

  • ✓ 4.5-star rating
  • ✓ Reaches set temperature quickly
  • ✓ Easy to use

What We Don't Like

  • ✗ No right-left swing louvre
  • ✗ Non-dimmable LED lights
  • ✗ Noisy outdoor unit
Fujitsu Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Fujitsu has been voted as the most trusted air conditioning brand by Aussies for the last three years. The Lifestyle range is so clever; it can detect human movement and adjust the temps accordingly to save power where possible. 

As one of the best energy-efficient air conditioner brands, Fujitsu units are also compatible with the Air Conditioning Demand Response program (DR). Working with your energy supplier, DR is a quick and cost-effective way to reduce the demand for electricity during peak periods. You voluntarily cut or shift your power usage to better match supply during peak periods to use electricity more efficiently. And save more on your power bill.

Maintenance is a breeze thanks to a washable Apple-Catechin Filter which absorbs dust and allergens. In addition, a long-life Ion Deodorisation Filter removes any odours such as smoke or the lingering reminders of last night’s curry. 

Find out more about our Fujitsu air conditioners here.

9. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Avanti PLUS® Series

Capacity: 2.0kW | 2.5kW | 3.5kW | 5.0kW | 6.0kW
Noise Level: 19-48 dBA
Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

  • ✓ Excellent brand reliability
  • ✓ Whisper-quiet operation
  • ✓ Adjustable LED brightness

What We Don't Like

  • ✗ Nothing!
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Aircon

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been awarded Australia’s best air conditioner for the third year running by CHOICE®. 

A smaller capacity unit is the best air conditioner for a small room. You’ll enjoy a super quiet air conditioner that’s also highly efficient, thanks to the same technology used by jet engine manufacturers—CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 

An energy-saving motion sensor automatically adjusts the set temperature based on human movement. The unit switches itself off if no presence is detected in the room to save energy.

Clean Air Technology captures and naturalises smoke particles, allergens, odours and bacteria for cleaner, fresher air.

Visit the manufacturer’s site or check out our MHIAA models here

10. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Bronte Series

Capacity: 6.3kW | 7.1kW | 8.0kW | 9.5kW
Noise Level: 24-48 dBA
Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

  • ✓ Cools and heats large spaces quickly
  • ✓ Intuitive and easy to use

What We Don't Like

  • ✗ No backlight on the remote controller 
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Aircon

Including all the features of the Avanti Plus models, the Bronte series was named the best split system of 2021 by ProductReview. MHIAA’s engineers have improved and optimised the internal fan blade technology to deliver the most powerful yet efficient airflow possible with a long reach airflow of 18 metres in cooling mode. 

The Bronte series features larger-sized units which deliver powerful heating and cooling and is the best air conditioner range for a large room.

Visit the manufacturer’s site or see our MHIAA models here.

11. Daikin Split System Alira Series

Capacity: 2.0kW | 2.5kW | 3.5kW | 4.6kW | 5.0kW | 6.0kW | 7.1kW | 8.5kW | 9.4kW
Noise Level: 19-48 dBA
Warranty: 5 years 

What We Like

  • ✓ Set temperature in 0.5°C increments
  • ✓ Backlit wireless remote controller

What We Don't Like

  • ✗ Lower star rating on heating
Best Daikin Air conditioner

Featuring all the usual timer and mode operations you’d expect, along with industry-leading energy efficiency.

The unit’s louvres stream air along the ceiling for a more extended reach to deliver speedy cooling and even temperature distribution.

A 2-area infrared Intelligent Eye sensor detects motion and switches into an energy-saving mode if the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.

A titanium deodorising air purification filter traps microscopic particles, breaks down nasty smells and destroys bacteria. Daikin’s range is one of the only units on the market that is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more product information.

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How We Picked the Best Air Conditioners?

We chose our air conditioners based on reliability, efficiency, noise levels and ease of operation. Also, we listened to our customers. We asked what features people look for in an air conditioner and how the models purchased stacked up.

So what is the best air conditioner in Australia?

At the end of the day, the best air conditioner for you is the one that makes you the comfiest in your own private oasis.

Did you know?

The most significant number of complaints by homeowners installing a new AC unit not working correctly is due to dodgy installation?

But you don’t need to worry about that with a Hello Breeze installation. 

When you buy your new AC from us, your installation is included in the price. Also, we’re Aussie owned and operated, and we’re not here to give you a bum steer—we have a reputation to uphold! Plus, our rockstar installers know their sh*t, and they’re bl**dy good at what they do.

How to get the best air conditioner?

Once you decide on a Hello Breeze split system, the process is a piece of cake:

1. The Call

First, we'll have a chat to learn about you, your home, and what you want to achieve with your climate system. Then we’ll give you a personalised, BS-free recommendation.

2. The Quote 

Get a quote online, or we may be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone. We’re always transparent with our pricing, and we’re super competitive.

3. Book One

Never mind which one of the best air conditioners you decide on, once you give us the go-ahead we’ll organise one of our certified tradies to install your shiny new unit on the day that best suits you. 

4. Install It

Our installation Specialists will rock up on the day you advised, ready to install your brand-spanking-new AC. 

The Hello Breeze team of professional, licensed, and insured installers will always: 

  • Be punctual 
  • Install quickly and efficiently
  • Take our rubbish with us. And won't leave dirty footprints!
  • Provide a certificate of compliance upon completion; and
  • Give you a full product demonstration, so you’re good to go!

5. The Follow-up

We’re committed to ensuring you’re not only satisfied - we want to knock your socks off! So after installing your unit, a Hello Breeze team member will follow up to check that everything went—and is still going—smoothly.

But, hey, sometimes sh*t happens. We’re not going to leave you in the lurch. If you need additional support, contact us ASAP. We’ll get onto it faster than a pensioner grabbing Woolies’ half-price specials.

What Now?

We’re sure our guide will help you find the best air conditioner in Australia to suit your home and budget.  

Here at Hello Breeze, we’re here to make your life easier, and we offer the very best air conditioning service around. Guaranteed.

What are you waiting for, mate? Get on the blower! We love to talk to anyone who’ll listen. So have a mag with us on 1300 712 732 to chat about the best air conditioners for your home.

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