Ducted Gas Heating in Melbourne

Looking for a top-quality ducted gas heating system to turn your cold and miserable dwelling into a cozy and delightful home - even on the coldest of winter evenings?

Upgrade your home with our range of ducted gas heating installations this year with Hello Breeze and make coming home on frosty nights something to look forward to.

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What is Ducted Gas Heating? 

Ducted Gas Heating is one of the most popular heating options for Australians living in cooler climates in the southern states of Australia. 

Unlike your conventional reverse cycle air conditioning systems, ducted gas heating system performance isn’t dependent on the outside air temperature. 

This means with a ducted gas heating system, you’ll have readily available heat ‘on-tap’ at the flick of a switch - with close to no waiting to enjoy a deliciously warm home.

Ducted Gas Heating Vs Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling?

Gas Ducted Heating 


  • Can be slightly cheaper to install
  • Heats up small rooms quickly
  • Performs well in cold climates


  • Less efficient
  • Produces carbon monoxide so may require more maintenance 
  • Cannot provide cool air unless a separate cooling system is bought
  • Gas prices are prone to fluctuating

Ducted Reverse cycle


  • More energy efficient and growing in efficiency
  • Provides both heating and cooling 
  • More cost-effective in the long term
  • More sustainable and works well with solar energy
  • Can be operated by MyAir app, control your home’s climate with the click of a button


  • Installation can be a little bit pricier 
  • Can take a bit longer to heat your home

What is the cost of Ducted Gas Heating?

The installation cost for gas ducted heating will typically range from $3000 to $7000. Prices will vary greatly depending on the brand, the size of the unit, the number of vents and any additional work required to complete a successful installation .

To speak with one of our climate experts, contact and our team will be in touch with you in less than 24 hours.

Brands We Recommend

At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Like any heating system, each has their own risks and related health warnings. Older designs and units that are not regularly serviced have an increased risk of emitting carbon monoxide. Regular annual maintenance of your Ducted Gas Heating system is essential to ensuring safe and cozy heating for the many years to come.

Your gas ducted heater should be serviced at least every 2 years (every year is most ideal). As part of a heater service, a qualified technician will ensure there are no carbon monoxide leaks from the unit. To find a qualified technician in your area, call us today and we will help you find a Hello Breeze accredited partner to ensure your heater is serviced to the highest of standards.

No, we will always replace your ductwork to ensure the warranty with your Heater.

Heaps! We offer split system air conditioners and reverse cycle ducted systems that will keep you both warm in the winters and cool in the sizzling summer heat.

If you already have gas ducted heating, an option is to add on cooling, the cooling unit will blow cold air through the pre existing gas ducted vents.

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