Ducted Gas Heating

Due to the ever-rising costs of electricity in Australia, old-school electric heaters are no longer a suitable heating option. 


As natural gas is a much cheaper alternative, a gas heater makes a more versatile, energy-efficient and affordable form of home heating. 


So, let’s take a gander to see what all the hoo-ha is about.

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What is Ducted Gas Heating? 

Ducted gas heating is one of the most popular heating options for homes in cooler climates. 

This system consists of an outdoor heating unit and a network of ducts installed in the roof cavity or under the floor. The outdoor unit transfers cold air to the heat exchanger, which warms the air and then delivers it to different parts of your home via vents. 

Ducted Gas Heating Vs Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling?

So, let´s look at the pros and cons of ducted gas heaters and reverse cycle systems.

Ducted Gas Heating


  • Set different temps in different rooms
  • Ideal for cooler climates
  • Heats small rooms quickly
  • energy-efficient


  • Produces carbon monoxide, so it may require more maintenance 
  • Won’t cool your home unless you buy a separate cooling system
  • Gas prices are prone to fluctuate

Ducted Reverse cycle


  • Work great in humid areas
  • Provides both heating and cooling
  • Can be operated by the MyAir Zoning app to control your home’s climate 
  • Highly efficient in energy consumption, cost, and heating & cooling
  • Air purifiers filter dust, smoke, odours, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants


  • Installation can be a little bit pricier 
  • Can take a bit longer to heat your home

What is the cost of Ducted Gas Heating?

The cost of installing ducted gas heating depends on:

  • The area (m2) you want to heat and cool
  • The number of vents and ductwork required
  • The size of the unit (kW)
  • The brand
  • The job complexity (double story homes, flat roof, extra piping)

A ducted gas heater costs between $7,000 and $14,000, including GST and installation. 

We are working with the best brands in Australia 

Here at Hello Breeze, we sell only the best and most reliable ducted gas heating systems. Our brands include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Ducted gas heating systems are powered by natural gas.

Consumer advocate group CHOICE calculated the average running costs of small, medium and large gas heaters.

Room size                               kW output         Gas consumption              Running cost/hr

Small (29–42m²)                     2.9–4.2kW                  13–15MJ/h                      $0.30–$0.50

Medium (46–66m²)              3.4–6.6kW                     18–21MJ/h                       $0.54–$0.67

Large (52–82m²)                     5.2–8.2kW                     23+MJ/h                        $0.72–$1.03

If you’re heating or cooling just one room or a small area, the wisest choice would be to go with a reverse cycle split system


Modern, zoned gas heating systems could be the most cost-effective option, especially with a ducted reverse cycle system in place.

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