Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1kW Split System

Bronte Series (SRK71ZRA-W)

CHOICE® recommends the Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW split system as THE go-to AC in 2021! 

With super-efficient heating and cooling, this little number is packed with heaps of incredible features and functions.

Key Features

  • Jet Air Technology extends the reach of its advanced fan blades up to 18 metres

  • Clean Air Technology captures and eliminates smoke particles, delivering allergen-free and odour-free air

  • Whisper-quiet

  • Energy efficient

  • Lots of timer and scheduling functions

  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant

  • Optional Wi-Fi control with adaptor


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Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW in Melbourne


Model Number


Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


Energy Labels

Hot ZoneCooling✩✩✩½
Average ZoneCooling✩✩✩½
Cold ZoneCooling✩✩✩½

Not sure what the star thingys mean? We explain energy ratings here.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte 7.1kW doesn’t wait around for you to make decisions!

Instead, its fuzzy logic algorithms work out the best operating mode for a comfy room temp while reducing power consumption. But don’t think it’ll turn Maximum Overdrive IRL; you can take full control of the system at any time.

If you’ve got little ones with respiratory issues like asthma, you’ll all breathe easier with the SRK71ZRA-W. A multi-stage cleansing operation captures airborne smoke particles, odours, viruses and bacteria and then exterminates them.

Do you struggle through blistering summer temperatures? The Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW tackles highs of up to 46°C. If you experience arctic winter chills, the AC still heats your home when it’s as cold as -15°C outside. The automatic defrosting feature activates during freezing weather to prevent the compressor from icing over. 

Visit the manufacturer’s website or our MHIAA page for more info on the SRK71ZRA-W.

What sized room does this AC suit?

Finding the right-sized unit to suit your space is essential to its performance and how much it adds to your power bill.

AC units between 5kW and 9kW are best suited to rooms sized 60m2 and above. We’re talking open-plan areas, large lounge rooms and living spaces.

What sized room does Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW suit?


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia manufactures superior, high-quality split system air conditioners. They’re designed for our unrelenting climates and laid back ‘tudes.

MHIAA has you covered with a full 5-year parts and labour warranty on the SRK71ZRA-W.

Price Range

The Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW price depends on how long our talented techies take to install your unit. But don’t worry, our well-mannered chaps go like the clappers and will be out the door before you can offer tea and Tim Tams.

While all homes are different, you’re looking at $2720 to $3760 inc GST and installation of your SRK71ZRA-W.

How to make an appointment for installation with Hello Breeze

Ask us a question about Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW

We’re an Aussie-owned and dinki-di company! We’re not in the business of spinning cock and bull—we have a 5-star reputation to uphold! Plus, our rockstar installers know their sh*t, and they’re bl**dy good at what they do.

Once you decide on the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1 kW split system, the process is a piece of cake:

1. The Call

First, we'll have a chat with you to learn about your needs. Then we’ll give you a personalised, no bull recommendation.

2. The Quote 

Get a quote online, or we may be able to knock some figures up for you over the phone. We’re always ridgy-didge with our pricing, and we’re ultra-competitive.

3. Book It

Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll organise a day with you to send our certified tradies to install your brand-spanking-new unit. 

4. Install It

Our installation Specialists will rock up on the day—and at the time—you advised, ready to install your AC.

The Hello Breeze team of professional, licensed, and insured installers will always:

  • Be punctual 
  • Install quickly and efficiently
  • Take our rubbish with us. And won't leave dirty footprints!
  • Provide a certificate of compliance upon completion; and
  • Give you a full product demonstration, so you’re good to go!

5. The Follow-up

We’re committed to ensuring you’re not only a happy little vegemite—we want to knock your bl**dy socks off!

So after we install your unit, a Hello Breeze team member will follow up to check that everything is hunky-dory.

But, hey, we know that sometimes sh*t happens. So we’re not going to leave you out like a shag on a rock. If you need extra support, contact us pronto. 

We’ll get onto the problem faster than a cashed-up bogan to the bottle-o.

What Now?

Here at Hello Breeze, we bust a gut to make your life easier, and we offer the very best aircon service around.

What are you waiting for? Grab the dog and bone and chat with us on 1300 712 732 about a Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1 kW SRK71ZRA-W split system for your home.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Brands Of Ducted Air Conditioners Do You Recommend?

At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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