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Winter in some parts of Australia can be as welcome as a King Brown in a lucky dip. Especially on those frosty, dreary mornings when all you can see out the window is a soupy layer of fog. The alarm goes off, and you’re snuggled under the doona with zero desire to move from your heated cocoon.

If searching amongst all the brands on the market leaves you as baffled as Adam on Mother’s Day, no worries. We’re about to tell you why Braemar Ducted Heating is the bee’s knees of gas ducted heating systems.


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For some of us, dragging ourselves to work is hard enough. But when the weather turns on you as savagely as a teenager without Wi-Fi, it makes getting out of bed just that little bit tougher.

So, it’s time to invest in a heating system for your home. If you have an old gas ducted heating system and you’re on the fence about repairing or replacing it, our informative blog will help you choose a side.

Or perhaps you’re weighing up the pros and cons between a gas ducted heating system or a reverse cycle. Again, we’ve got you covered here.




Why Choose Braemer Gas Ducted Systems?

Braemer is part of the Aussie company Seeley International. All their products are 100% designed and manufactured in Albury, NSW—and they’ve been doing so for over 80 years.

Braemer products showcase uncompromising quality, innovation, and reliability.

Why we love Braemar gas ducted heating:

✓ Electronic ignition guarantees reliable ignition

✓ Thorough mix of air and natural gas for clean, efficient combustion

✓ Two-piece configuration means easy installation

✓ Whisper-quiet operation with variable speed combustion fan

✓ Softair™ fan system means no cold drafts and a continuous flow of warm air

✓ Low CO²  emissions 

Braemar ducted heating systems have a couple of advantages over reverse cycle systems. First, they’re cheaper to run, and second, they provide instant warmth—heating your home faster. 

A MagIQtouch® controller allows you to operate your heating system. You can program your unit, switch between zones, and a child-lock prevents the kids from recreating their own summertime oasis.

Some models offer upgrades that work in conjunction with your MagIQtouch® controller. 

  • A basic manual controller comes with heating-only systems and features a large easy to read digital display. 
  • A battery-operated radio frequency touchscreen controller is ideal for renos or where cabling access is limited. This option also provides one or two master controllers to control the entire system from two locations—perfect for larger or two storey homes.
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen controller allows you to operate your unit from your mobile device. Then, simply download an app onto your phone or tablet, and Bob’s your uncle. If getting up from the couch to change the temps isn’t your thing, take advantage of the voice-activated controls. Just hit up Alexa or Google Assistant to do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Making this unit even more energy-efficient are the flexible zoning options. Set one temperature for whole-home heating, or add extra MagIQtouch® air sensors in various rooms to select different toasty temps for each zone.

So, let’s take a look at the top Braemar heating models we recommend. If you’re unsure what size unit you need for your spaces, get on the blower, and we’ll give you our qualified two cents. 

Models We Work With

All Braemar ducted heating systems include an internal and external unit and run on natural gas—the cleanest fossil fuel energy source available.

Braemer TQ320 Ecostar® Series  Ducted Heater 

Heating Capacity: 18kW

Star Rating: 3.7


  • Manual, MagIQtouch® or MagIQtouch® Radio Frequency controller options
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to operate

Braemer TQD320 Rebuff™ Series Ducted Heater 

Heating Capacity: 18kW

Star Rating: 3.7


  • Manual, MagIQtouch®, or MagIQtouch® Radio Frequency controller options
  • Suits existing supply and return air plenums
  • Perfect for renos or upgrades; designed to replace Brivis Buffalo and other heater models or brands
  • Comes with a gas inlet pipe to match the existing gas supply location
  • Great value for money
  • User friendly

Braemer TQ420 Ecostar® Series Ducted Heater 

Heating Capacity: 18kW

Star Rating: 4.7


  • MagIQtouch® or MagIQtouch® Radio Frequency controller options
  • Zoned-heating capable

Braemer TQM520 Ecostar® Series Ducted Heater

Heating Capacity: 20kW

Star Rating: 5.2


  • MagIQtouch® or MagIQtouch® Radio Frequency controller options
  • Save on space with this non-condensing heater that’s 30% smaller than other five-star heaters 
  • No drain required
  • Zoned-heating capable

Braemar Warranty

Knowing where we stand with warranties is crucial to Australians. We want to know if sh*t hits the fan, that someone’s gunna pay. You don’t want to risk being stuck with a product that’s all foam and no beer.

But with your Braemar gas ducted heating systems, there’s no need to worry. Braemer stands behind a 5-year Australia-wide warranty. 

Now we’ve covered why Braemer systems are you beaut, why buy from us?

Why Choose Hello Breeze?

Because we:

  • Are true-blue Aussies
  • Are Specialists of the air conditioning world
  • Won’t give you dodgy advice
  • Listen to you
  • Have impeccable manners
  • Are always punctual
  • Return calls pronto
  • Promise no muddy boot-prints or left-over rubbish

Ready to upgrade your home for the ultimate in-home heating? We can help you compare gas ducted systems to find one to match your home and budget. We’d love to have a mag about our products. So give us a bell on 1300 712 732, or ask us for a quote today!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know how to reset Fujitsu air conditioner, all you need is a ballpoint pen or some other very small, tipped object. Use it to press the "reset" button, and that's that.

Press the "timer" button to turn the timer on, then use the "set temp/ set time" buttons to adjust your preferred begin and end times and temperatures. There's more detailed information about how to set timer on Fujitsu air conditioner in the written operator manual that you get when you purchase the product.

In your owner's manual, there is detailed information about how to clean the intake grille, air filter, and dust collection unit. Always follow those directions carefully when you choose to clean your Fujitsu air conditioner yourself. The good news is that routine cleaning just takes a few minutes and there's no heavy lifting or rocket science involved.

Your Fujitsu unit comes with a five-year parts and labor warranty, but most units last much longer than that with regular, attentive care and maintenance.

What Brands Of Ducted Air Conditioners Do You Recommend?

At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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