Heating Systems In Brisbane and Gold Coasts

Feeling befuddled? Stumped? Got Buckley’s figuring out where to start on choosing a heating system?

Do you go for ducting, gas, electricity, or units that work for the whole house or individual rooms? Struth. It’s enough to send you berko.

Don’t worry, Australia. We got you. When it comes to heating Brisbane and Gold Coasts homes - or homes in other major cities - you’ve got heaps of options. 

Here are your five basic choices:

Heating Systems in Melboirne

Ducted Gas Heating System

Ducted gas heating systems deliver warm air throughout your house via a series of ducts. The system harnesses the power of, you guessed it - gas. 

The downside? You have to buy gas. And you can't rely on your home's built-in access to inexpensive electricity. Plus, ducted gas isn’t as efficient as other heating systems. On the bright side, ducted gas heating typically costs less to install than the electricity-run ducted air conditioning system.

Ducted Air Conditioner

Of all the heating systems, ducted air conditioning is the top dog when it comes to efficiency. And it's the most popular! As the name implies, the system uses ducts to carry warm air to each room in your home. Running on electricity, it heats in winter and cools in summer. This versatility is why so many Aussies believe a ducted air conditioner is just the ticket.

Ducted Gas Heating System in Melbourne
Ducted Heating and Cooling System Melbourne

Split System

What if you don’t want to warm your entire home, but one, two, or more rooms? It sounds like a split system is what you need. These ductless systems use an outdoor unit that sends hot air to the indoor unit, which blows the air into any room you like. Affordable, simple to install, run, and maintain.

Multi-Head Split Systems

Sometimes called "multi-split" systems, the units operate exactly like the split versions. Except for one very important difference: They use multiple indoor units connected to just one outdoor unit. The advantages are the same too, such as ductless installation. You can set each room's temperature and operate multiple indoor units off a single outdoor unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne
Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems Installation

MyAir System & Air Conditioning Zones

MyAir is an innovative, state-of-the-art app that helps create the ultimate comfort during chilly winter days and nights. It's not a heating system. But an add-on to your existing heating and cooling system. Gain 100% control over the temperature and the timing of heat delivery in every room in your home.

Let’s say you're down at the pub and notice those nasty north-westerlies making themselves at home. Whip out the phone, log into the MyAir app, and whack on the thermostat. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Take advantage of this snazzy technology and download the MyAir app onto any device.

Get Warm and Toasty

When that SoB Jack Frost comes tapping on your window, you'll be so glad you called Hello Breeze for a reliable, powerful home heating system. 

The cold sucks. And the winters can get bl**dy cold. And you don’t have to put up with it (although we’re sure you’d still need to leave the house occasionally).

Heating systems can mean the difference between warm, cosy winters and bleak, shivering ones. The Hello Breeze team will help you find a system that suits your home and budget, so you'll always have a warm place to go when it's cold out. Give us a bell, and we'll help you find a smart, efficient way to fend off the chill. Contact us anytime - we'll be happy to have a chin wag about any of our heating systems.

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