MyAir Air Conditioning Systems in Melbourne

Planning to install a MyAir Air Conditioning system in your home? No doubt you’re eager to keep your most important living spaces cool and comfortable year-round.

Considering the fluctuating prices of electricity, cooling your entire home can send your power bill through the roof.

What if you could set different temperatures for different rooms?

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MyAir Air Conditioning system in Melbourne


Thanks to advances in technology, you can now fit MyAir Air Conditioning control units to your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system to control the climate in every corner of your home - down to the last degree. 

What Is Zoned Air Conditioning?

As you might have guessed from the name, Zoned Air Conditioning is simply air conditioning where you can set the temperature you desire in the zones you create in your home.

Say it’s a bl**dy scorcher. And the kids are in-and-out of the house all day long. 

Your better half is spending most of their time in the main living room and likes the temperature set at 20°c, your sleeping newborn can only fall asleep at 23°c, and the teenagers believe 21°c is the ‘ultimate gaming temperature.’

With the old ‘one temperature fits all’ approach, you’re compromising on all fronts, and no one’s happy.

With a Zoned Air Conditioning system, you change the temperature for every corner of your home. But, you can even decide which rooms have the air conditioner running. Noice!

How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work?

Despite sounding high tech, the way Zone Air Conditioning achieves room-specific comfort levels for your home is pretty basic.

When we install your air-con unit, we divide your home into zones. This is where the cool air (and warm air in winter) is pumped through the ductwork in your home.

With a Zoned Air Conditioning System, an electronic valve called a Damper is installed for every duct. This valve works with a thermostat to control the amount of air that passes through the duct. 

Each zone has its own independent thermostat. Using a controller such as MyAir Air Conditioning, you can now control the climate in every corner of your home - even from the other side of town!

MyAir Air Conditioning System: Unprecedented Climate Control

Smart Systems are the Future of Air Conditioning

Forget noisy, clunky units that you need to switch on at the wall. Never suffer the heat or cold again with the MyAir system. Customise your home’s climate schedule at the touch of a button from work, the gym, or the pub!  

With the MyAir system, you can program it to work with your schedule. 

Get your unit to fire up when you’re leaving the office. Set the automatic shut-off when you head up the road for take-away. And make sure the kids aren’t recreating the Winter Olympics inside the living room. You have 100% remote control of your home’s climate from the app. 

The days of scrambling for AAA batteries for your wall unit’s remote are long gone. With the MyAir system, you can get rid of your old wall controller to make way for an elegant and easy-to-use tablet. And when you’re out, jump right back in with the App available on both iOS and Android.

Works With All Major Brands

Whether you’re running Fujitsu, Daiken, or Mitsubishi (or any other leading brand), the MyAir Air Conditioning system integrates seamlessly with all major manufacturers for climate perfection all year round.

Easy To Use 

From the console of the app on your smartphone or tablet, easily adjust the temperature. Everyone in the family will be comfy in every corner of your house.

Increases Air Conditioning System Efficiency

Stop your system working hard and have it working smart. MyAir enables you to cool the rooms you wish to cool and prevents your system from doing unnecessary work.

Saves You Money On Your Energy Bill

Put an end to ridiculous energy consumption by cooling only the spaces you need. MyAir systems are saving consumers hundreds of dollars each year on their power bills!

Room-By-Room Temperature Control 

The MyAir Air Conditioning solution is an irresistible option thousands of Aussies select each year for their ducted systems.

Adds To The Value Of Your Home

And with this kind of technology, you’d probably think you’d have to take out a second mortgage. But nah, it’s surprisingly affordable!

MyAir Air Conditioning System installation

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Over the past 9 months, we’ve received wonderful feedback about the MyAir solution. 

So much that we’re now offering a 95% OFF Discount on all MyAir Units when you purchase a Ducted Air Conditioning system in May 2021. This offer is strictly limited to the first 20 customers as they’re the last shipment we received from April. 

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