Air conditioning in Warrnambool: Talk to the Installation Experts

Some people might think Warrnambool is freezing throughout the year. However, summer days can get pretty hot. That's why you need a quality heating and air conditioning system in your home to make it more comfortable during hot weather. The temps outside might not be forgiving - but at least you'll be comfy when you're inside.

Alternatively, you could continue wearing more clothes in winter until it's too tight to move! Hello Breeze Warrnambool air conditioning is your best chance to give you that comfortable temperature in your house no matter the weather.

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Air conditioning in Warrnambool: Talk to the Installation Experts

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Hello Breeze provides our customers with the best possible air conditioning service and solutions. We're confident that we can help you install reliable, no-BS air conditioning in Warrnambool. Our air conditioning products include:

Split Systems 

Evaporative Coolers

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Gas Heaters

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Hydronic Heating

MyAir Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Air conditioners

Ducted air conditioners are one of the most popular types of air conditioners on the market. They are known for their efficiency and ability to cool large areas. Ducted air conditioners are also very versatile, as they can be used in various settings.

Split systems

A split system is an air conditioner with two parts: an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve, while the indoor unit contains the evaporator. Split systems are usually used in homes and businesses with central air conditioners. The main advantage of a split system is that it can be installed without having to cut through walls or ceilings.

Split Systems

Evaporative Cooling

An evaporative cooling air conditioner applies the principle of evaporation of water to cool air. The air conditioner has a water reservoir and a fan. The fan blows air over the water, causing the water to evaporate.

The evaporating water cools the air, and the cooled air is blown into the room. Evaporative cooling air conditioners are very effective in cooling rooms. They are also very energy efficient because they do not use compressors or chemicals to cool the air.

Gas ducted systems

Gas ducted systems are a great option for those who want to heat or cool their home without using an external energy source. These systems use natural gas to heat or cool the air, which is then circulated through ducts in the home. Gas duct systems are very efficient and can save you money on energy bills.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is a type of radiant heating that uses water instead of air to heat your home. Because water is a better conductor of heat than air, hydronic heating systems can be more efficient than other types of radiant heating. Additionally, hydronic systems don't rely on forced air to circulate the heated water so they can be quieter than other heating systems.

Zoning - MyAir

Zoning is a great way to save energy and money on your air conditioning costs. MyAir air conditioners are specifically designed for this purpose. They allow you to zone your home so you can independently control the temperature in each room.

This means that you can keep the temperature lower in rooms you don't use as often and higher in those you use more frequently. Zoning can also help to minimize hot and cold spots in your home, making it more comfortable overall.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

When it comes to air conditioning in Warrnambool, the cost can vary greatly. This depends on factors such as:

  • The surface area (m2) of the room to be heated and cooled
  • The brand of your choice of air conditioner
  • The size of a unit needs to be determined for the amount of power it'll provide.
  • Ducted air conditioners need vents and ductwork to cool the home.
  • Double-story homes and flat roofs require more complexity.

Generally, the cost of a ducted air conditioning installation ranges from $6,999 to $14,000.

How to make an appointment for installation with Hello Breeze

Air Conditioning Installation in Warrnambool

Check out our titan range to find an air conditioner that suits your needs and budget. Then, the process of getting the ball rolling is a breeze:

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1. The Call

With our extensive experience and knowledge in air conditioning service, we'll be able to provide you with a customized recommendation to create the perfect climate for your home. First, we'll research your home and learn about your needs and priorities.

2. The Quote 

If you already know the type of unit and want to get an estimate, we can do that online. Or, one of our environmental control Specialists will contact you to give you numbers on the spot, depending on the job.

3. Book It

Once we've sorted your Quote, one of our certified tradespersons will come on the day and time that best suits you. And if you're in a metropolitan area, we can complete the work within 48-72 hours.

4. Install It

Our experienced air conditioning in Warrnambool installers from Hello Breeze will provide a certificate that it has been installed correctly and find out how to turn the AC on after their careful installation. They'll also clean up any mess they make while they are there.

5. The Follow-up

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to going above and beyond to help you. After your unit is installed, one of our specialists will call you to troubleshoot in case anything needs attention or bugs need fixing. If something comes up after the installation - we've got your back!

We are working with the best brands in Australia

We know that when it comes to air conditioning, you need a system that you can rely on. That's why we only work with the best brands in Australia so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner will keep you cool all summer long.

Why Choose Hello Breeze?

Hello Breeze is the leading provider of air conditioning in Warrnambool. We provide :

Top quality air conditioning units and installation services to our customers- Our goal is to provide you with the best possible air conditioning experience, whether it's for your home or office.

We offer a wide range of air conditioning options to suit your needs- This includes split systems and ducted and portable air conditioners.

We'll tell you everything you need to know about your air conditioner- We won't try to sell you any unnecessary add-ons or warranties, and we won't pull the wool over your eyes.

We'll listen to you, always on time, and leave your home spotless when we're done.

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What Brands Of Ducted Air Conditioners Do You Recommend?

At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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