Fujitsu Air Conditioning in Melbourne


When you need relief from cold or hot weather, it's time to begin hunting for an air conditioning system that gets the job done. Whether you're on the lookout for Fujitsu air conditioning in Melbourne or anywhere else, Hello Breeze has you covered.

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Fujitsu Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Check out our full lineup of Fujitsu air conditioner models, seven in all, and see what's in store for you when you give us a call.

Fujitsu Models That Hello Breeze Works With

If you've been looking for Fujitsu air conditioning in Melbourne, you've hit the jackpot because Hello Breeze offers seven of the top Fujitsu air conditioner products on the market. Here's some of the key information about each of the models:

  • The Wall Mounted 2.50kW(C)/3.2kW(H) Unit, (ASTG09KMTC): Not only does this model look great with any style room, it features economy mode, automated louvers, multiple timers, and dozens of other advanced functions.
  • The Wall Mounted 3.5kW(C)/3.7kW(H) Unit, (ASTG12KMTC): This sleek unit has smooth edges and a stylish matte finish. Plus, it comes with auto timers, auto restart, a human sensor, and other advanced tech features.
  • The Wall Mounted 5.0kW(C)/6.0kW(H) Unit, (ASTG18KMTC): The Fujitsu 5.0 kw reverse cycle split system air conditioner has an up/down swing and auto-shut louver, a sleep and program timer, auto restart, economy mode functionality, an on-off timer, and much more. This 5 kw Fujitsu air conditioner is a versatile favorite.
  • The Wall Mounted 6.0kW(C)/7.2kW(H) Unit, (ASTG22KMTC): This inconspicuous model easily blends in with any room's design. It's slimmer than other models but packs all the advanced features including timer controls, automatic louvers, and economy mode.
  • The Wall Mounted 7.1kW(C)/8.0kW(H) Unit, (ASTG24KMTC): You can set this model to reach the perfect room temp quickly with a full range of timers and auto-function controls.
  • The Wall Mounted 8.5kW(C)/9.0kW(H) Unit, (ASTG30KMTC): If you want your home to be ultra-comfy all year long, you'll enjoy the advanced features on this model like economy mode, auto louvers, automatic air-flow adjustment, and multiple kinds of timers.
  • The Wall Mounted 9.4kW(C)/10.3kW(H) Unit, (ASTG34KMTC): This large unit has some amazing features, like Human Sensor Control, weekly timers, economy mode, and many other energy management functions.

The Fujitsu Warranty

The Fujitsu air conditioner warranty is one of the best in the industry. For residents of Australia, it covers any domestic air conditioning system for a full five years. What's more, the Fujitsu air conditioner warranty applies to both parts and labor.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know how to reset Fujitsu air conditioner, all you need is a ballpoint pen or some other very small, tipped object. Use it to press the "reset" button, and that's that.

Press the "timer" button to turn the timer on, then use the "set temp/ set time" buttons to adjust your preferred begin and end times and temperatures. There's more detailed information about how to set timer on Fujitsu air conditioner in the written operator manual that you get when you purchase the product.

In your owner's manual, there is detailed information about how to clean the intake grille, air filter, and dust collection unit. Always follow those directions carefully when you choose to clean your Fujitsu air conditioner yourself. The good news is that routine cleaning just takes a few minutes and there's no heavy lifting or rocket science involved.

Your Fujitsu unit comes with a five-year parts and labor warranty, but most units last much longer than that with regular, attentive care and maintenance.

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At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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