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Air conditioning is a key component of the general comfort of a home or office. It is a must-have for the summer months in Geraldton. The first thing you will need to do is to find a reliable company to install it. One such company is Hello Breeze. As a leading HVAC company, we provide state-of-the-art air conditioning units in Geraldton. We also provide quality installation services for all makes and models of Geraldton air conditioning units.

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Like any other home appliance, it's not easy to decide which brand to buy. There are many different brands with varying features, technology, price range, and attractive designs. That's where we come into play. As a top-rated HVAC company, we offer the best AC units in Geraldton. Our team is well-versed in different kinds of systems, and we can give the best advice to get the very best unit for your home.

If you are looking to make your home more comfortable, we are here to help. We have been in the business for years and have helped over 5,000 clients get efficient AC units. We look forward to helping you too.

We have over 100 employees, which means we are adequately staffed to handle any job for you. We also have over 1,000 climate solutions in Geraldton that is sure to make your summer more enjoyable. We supply and install the following AC units.

Split Systems 

Evaporative Coolers

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Gas Heaters

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Hydronic Heating

MyAir Air Conditioning Systems

How Can We Help?

Split Systems

These units are the most suitable for small spaces like studio apartments and small living rooms. They have a small heater and a small air conditioner. Split systems are also energy efficient and will save you money on electricity bills. If you want to install a split system unit, you need an experienced professional to do it for you. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will be in and out of your home in a few hours.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

These units are known for their energy efficiency and extensive cooling capacity. They can be used in large spaces like big homes and office buildings. Ducted air conditioning systems allow you to have full control of your home climate. They can also increase the value of your home considerably. We can install a ducted system for you in no time and will make sure you get the best technology at the very best price.

Evaporative Cooling

If you want to save money on your electricity bills, then this is one of the best options. Evaporative cooling systems are also eco-friendly. This air conditioning system cools down the air by evaporation of water. The principle of operation is simple; water will absorb heat from the surrounding air during evaporation.

Gas Ducted Systems

Australia is notoriously known for its ever-increasing costs of electricity. If you want to save money on your electricity bills, we have the solution for you. We can install ducted gas air conditioning systems in your home. This unit has an outdoor heating unit that is responsible for producing heat. The heat is transferred to a heat exchanger via a network of ducts. The heat exchanger absorbs and releases heat to and from the indoor unit, which helps regulate the indoor temperature.

Hydronic Heating

This is a luxurious heating solution for your home. The system is unique because water rather than air carries heat from the source. Water is heated by gas boilers and then pumped to the walls and floors of each room of your home. Here, it circulates through a network of radiators and trench convectors that act as heat exchangers. The advantage of these systems is that they provide consistent heat distribution.

MyAir Air Conditioning Systems

This is a premium, high-tech, and energy-efficient air conditioning system. It allows you to control your home temperature from your smartphone. The system is the most user-friendly on the market.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

The cost of air conditioning in Geraldton is determined by several factors, including the following.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

The Size or Power Rating of the System

The power rating or size of the unit is the most important factor. The larger the unit, the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, running a system with a higher power rating will be more expensive.

The Number of Rooms You Have in Your Home

A house with many rooms will be more expensive to heat because you'll need more ducts and radiators. Cooling many rooms will also consume more electricity.

The Technology, Such As Ducted or Evaporative Cooling

The cost of air conditioning in Geraldton is also affected by the technology you choose. For example, ducted systems are the most expensive because they require more ducts, heat exchangers, and piping.

The Brand

The brand is another factor that will determine the price. The leading brands cost more because they use sophisticated technologies and deliver better performance.

The Nature of the Building

The cost of air conditioning in Geraldton is also affected by the nature of the building. For example, double-story homes will need more heating than single-story homes.

Generally, air conditioning systems in Geraldton start from $1,500 for a split system. Prices start at $7,000 for a ducted system and $7,000 for a hydronic heating unit.

Make an Appointment for Installation in These Five Easy Steps

Air Conditioning Installation in Geraldton

If you are interested in our air conditioning installation services, be sure to follow the following five steps:

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1. The Call

Give us a call today. One of our experienced consultants will answer your call and listen to your inquiry.

2. The Quote 

Upon listening to your inquiry, we will provide you with an estimate or a quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can schedule your appointment.

3. Book It

You can schedule an appointment for installation at your convenience. We will give you all the necessary paperwork and show up on a set day.

4. Install It

Once you approve the job, we'll proceed with the installation. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in installing air conditioning systems and will do a good job. Once you approve the job, we'll proceed with the installation. Our technicians have a wealth of experience in installing air conditioning systems and will do a good job.

5. The Follow-up

After the installation is complete, our professionals will inspect the system to ensure it is running at its optimum level.

We Are Working With the Best Brands in Australia

As a testament to the quality and reliability of the air conditioning systems we sell and install, we work with some of Australia's most respected and leading brands. These include the following:

Why Choose Hello Breeze?

As a reputable air conditioning company in Geraldton, we value integrity and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We are not interested in just making a sale. Instead, we want to build a lasting relationship with you.

We ensure that every air conditioner we sell to you is rigorously tested before it leaves our warehouse. This ensures you only get the best air conditioning systems available in Geraldton today.

Our Specialists are well-trained, experienced, and reliable. You can always rely on them to provide high-quality services. Our support staff is also knowledgeable and is always on the line to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. In addition to providing excellent services, our pricing model is competitive.

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What Brands Of Ducted Air Conditioners Do You Recommend?

At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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