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At the heart of our struggle, there’s this idea that getting any climate control system is a nightmare. 

The pushy uniformed salespeople. The outrageous products with mind-boggling prices. Then comes the unreliable tradies.

We don’t blame you! 

The chasm between what you expect as ‘good service’ and what our industry delivers is immense. So, we assessed the lay of the land and decided that things needed to change.

At Hello Breeze, we believe all Australians deserve ‘The Great Australian Dream’. Every Aussie has the right to own a home and have a happy family. 

And a solid two days off per week to spend doing whatever the bl**dy hell they want. 

Climate Control Experts in Melbourne

For us Climate Control Experts, it’s our mission to help you spend your time indoors

Whether it be in your shiny new digs or at the office. Our mission is for you to live well and feel great by having total control over your climate. Without breaking the bank. 

Your Climate Control Experts are rolling their sleeves up every single day to help you live better. We're making air conditioning 'more'. More understandable, more enjoyable and more affordable, than ever before. 

We’d love to say we had the full intention of starting this business from the ground up ‘the conventional way’.

But we’d be lying through our teeth.

Let us explain…

Our Founder Jayden Bradley spent 15 years in the Heating & Cooling industry. He slaved away servicing Air Conditioners and Gas Ducted Systems, country-wide.

Through his experience, he found an underwhelming customer culture from installers. He struggled to find a quality online shopping experience for Air Conditioners. This left him feeling not only frustrated about his own work. But a little disenchanted as a whole.

Then, Jayden’s first child, Maverick, popped out. All he could think about was spending quality time by the river with his wife, Danielle and their son. Tired and exhausted, Jayden was about to pull on the industry and call it a day. But he couldn’t throw out all the experiences and industry knowledge he’d accumulated over the years. 

So, like all good entrepreneurs, he pulled himself off the floor. He launched a simple Air Conditioning and Climate Control Business. And ‘Riverside Heating & Cooling’ was born. Jayden had the intention of installing just enough units to ‘get by’. 

What happened next though, he never expected…

Once he began advertising, there was little uptake on his products and services near home. At this point, Jayden was about to throw in the towel (again) on his dreams. All he wanted to do was help Australians stay cool all summer long. 

Then came the inspiration of desperation. He decided to extend the same products and services to the humble residents of Melbourne and Brisbane. KABOOM!

He was in business, baby! 

Climate Control for your home

The phones kept ringing…

The sales team grew…

The installers were delivering unit after unit. On time with 100% satisfaction rates! 

Before he knew it, his meek little installation business was on the verge of a national operation. At this point, he decided to change the Riverside name. It needed to be something that better represented you - the Australian consumer. And his business philosophy. 

So here we are today. Hello Breeze. And we cannot wait to help you create many brighter tomorrows!

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