Experience the Future of Home Comfort with Smart Air Conditioning Systems

For decades humans have been experiencing the amazing ways technology has improved our lives. 

Unfortunately, it’s also made us lazier, fatter, and unhealthier.

But, with the rise of smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT), air conditioning systems are smarter, more energy-efficient, and easier to use than ever. 

Gone are the days of turning a chunky knob on the old 90s A/C unit and waiting for a blast of cold or hot air to hit you in the face.

Now, smart air conditioning systems are revolutionising how we cool and heat our homes.

The customisation and smart control features of modern air conditioning units allow us to control the temperature of our home with the tap of a finger or verbal command. 

If you’re looking for a more comfortable and energy-efficient way to cool your home, prepare to experience the future of home comfort with smart air conditioning systems.

Smart Air Conditioning and Smart Phone

What is Smart Air Conditioning?

Smart air conditioning refers to a type of air conditioning system that’s equipped with smarty-pants technologies. 

While it doesn’t backchat like a surly know-it-all teen, it can be remotely controlled, programmed and monitored using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Smart air conditioning systems use sensors and algorithms to adjust the temps, humidity, and air quality based on real-time data and user preferences. 

They are one of the many appliances to join the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). They can also integrate with other smart home devices, such as smart thermostats or voice assistants, to enhance their functionality and convenience.

The Benefits of Smart Air Conditioners

Hands up if you’re tired of losing the A/C remote. 

And shoving your hand down the back of the couch in search of it, hoping not to touch something gross?

With smart air conditioners, you can just tap an app on your smartphone to fine-tune your A/C settings.

Here are five sweet benefits of smart air conditioners:

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Easy Access

A smart air conditioner gives you 100% control over your A/C. Whether you’re at home, work or on the green, you can change your air conditioning settings at any time using your smartphone.

One sweet feature, known as geofencing, automatically turns the A/C off when you leave your home and fires it up again when you’re nearby. 

Smart air conditioner control
Improved Comfort of Smart Air Conditioning
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Improved Comfort

Automated operating modes, such as smart scheduling and intelligent temperature triggers, eliminate the need to fiddle with the temperatures and modes throughout the day.

Smart air conditioners automatically adjust settings based on your preferences and real-time data, such as outside temperature, humidity and room occupancy. 

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Energy Efficiency

Advanced sensors and algorithms optimise the cooling and heating process in your home. 

They intelligently set the operating mode and temperature point to achieve the desired environment without operating in beast mode. Naturally, this helps to reduce energy consumption and sends less money to the power company. 

You can also set personalised temperature scheduling and custom cooling profiles for different rooms or times of the day. That way, you’ll only cool or heat the rooms you’re in.

Energy Efficiency of Smart Air Conditioner
smart home devices

Smart Integrations

Many smart air conditioners can integrate with other smart home devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Appliance interconnectivity allows you to create a seamless and convenient home environment that responds to your needs and preferences.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Smart air conditioners can provide real-time data on system performance and maintenance needs. 

This snappy function shows you operational issues before they become a ‘OH F@%K’ problem. Which helps prolong the life of your system and reduce repair costs over time.

Energy audits and usage history tracking also lets you monitor A/C usage and fine-tune your schedules to lower power consumption.

Smart air conditioner Monitoring and Maintenance


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Smart Thermostat vs Smart Air Conditioner

A smart thermostat and a smart air conditioner are two smart home devices that serve different purposes.

A smart thermostat is a device that connects to your home's heating and cooling system. It senses the temperature in the room and tells the A/C when it’s time to do its thing. 

It can learn your habits and preferences over time and automatically adjust the temperature based on occupancy, weather, and time of day. 

Smart thermostat can also integrate with other smart home devices, such as voice assistants, to allow for voice control.

Conversely, a smart air conditioning system features built-in innovative features, such as WiFi connectivity, remote control, and energy-efficient modes. 

Smart air conditioners can also be controlled from your smart device and learn your habits and preferences over time, adjusting its settings accordingly.

Not creepy at all.

How to Make an Air Conditioner Smart?

If you're in the market for a new air conditioner, we recommend investing in a smart unit with built-in features.

If you’re not yet prepared for a complete overhaul, the easiest and most cost-effective way to make an existing air conditioner unit smart, is to add a smart A/C controller. 

Let’s jump into the different ways to make your air conditioner smart:

Making an Air Conditioner Smart

Smart controllers

Some brands offer smart AC controllers that can be added to an existing air conditioner. 

They typically connect to your air conditioner's control panel and allow you to access the temperature and other settings using your smartphone. 

Smart home hubs

These devices enable you to automate and control your smart devices using voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or a smartphone app. 

They work in unison to create a seamless smart home experience. 

Smart plugs

Plug your air conditioner into a smart plug to control your air conditioner remotely and set on/off schedules.

Smart thermostats

If you have a central air conditioning system, you can make it smart by installing a smart thermostat. These devices learn your habits and preferences over time and adjust the temperature accordingly. 

If you have a ducted system, we recommend MyAir.

Why We Love MyAir Air Conditioning 

Hands down, the best smart thermostat on the market in Australia is My Air, by Aussie company Advantage Air.

With MyAir, you can create your own personalised air conditioning experience. 

You can control the airflow to any room, from any place via your smart device or by barking a command at Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Let’s have a gander at some more advantages of using MyAir with your ducted air conditioner:

MyAir Air Conditioning 


Zoning means you can control the climate in every corner of your home - down to the last degree. 

Touch Screen

The colour touchscreen is a complete home hub, where you can check your email, listen to tunes, knock up your weekly Woolies order, or watch funny cat vids while you cook.

Easy to Use

MyAir’s intuitive features mean tech-sorry users don’t need to worry about complicated mumbo-jumbo.  

Simply tap the touch screen to select what you want to do and follow the prompts. 

Remote Access

Remote access allows you to adjust your temps even if you’re not at home. 

For example, tap on the MyAir app on your smartphone as you leave the office, so your home is set to that sweet as Goldilocks temperature when you walk through the door. 

Had to bolt out of the house in a hurry and forgot to turn off your unit? 

Yep, we’ve all done it. 

Just tap on the app and switch it off.

No dramas.

Energy Savings 

We all want to pay less on our electricity bills. 

The good news is, MyAir features optional motion sensors that prevent you from haemorrhaging money.

They will signal if a room has been unoccupied for 10 minutes and then automatically adjust the temperature + or - 1 degree. 

If, after a further 10 minutes, the room is still unoccupied, it adjusts itself by another degree. 

This slight adjustment can reduce usage by up to 20%!

Works With All Major Brands

MyAir integrates seamlessly with all major air conditioning brands for climate perfection year-round.

Upgrade Your Home with a Smart AC System

Smart air conditioning systems provide Australians convenience, comfort, energy savings, reduced emissions, and peace of mind.

And they’re the future of home comfort. 

Don’t get left behind. Show the upcoming generations you’re all over this fancy technology business.

Discover a smarter, more efficient way to control your home climate with Hello Breeze. We’re an Aussie company installing kick-ar*e air conditioning systems all across Australia. Give the team at Hello Breeze a call on 1300 712 732 and ask us for a quote today.

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