Ducted Air Conditioning Prices in Australia: What’s the Going Rate?

Unlike conventional reverse-cycle air split systems that cool or heat just one room, ducted systems distribute conditioned air throughout your entire home. 

What’s more, modern ducted AC systems can be ‘zoned’. That means different rooms can be set to different temps to keep everyone as happy as Larry.

Unfortunately, a cracking ducted air conditioning system often brings a hefty price tag.

So, how much does ducted air conditioning cost? 

We’ll unpack what you can expect to pay for ducted air conditioning in Australia in our guide. 

But first, let’s take a gander at why a ducted air system is the bee’s knees of air conditioning systems.

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How does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

A ducted system consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and one or more electric heating and cooling coils.

A system of ducts installed in your floor or ceiling cavity circulates cool air around your home via vents. And a programmable control panel allows you to set the temps for each room. 

What are the Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted AC systems are the most effective way to heat or cool large spaces and require less maintenance.

They also offer:

Whole-home cooling and heating 

Standard reverse cycle systems can just cool and/or heat one room at a time. But, ducted air conditioning systems distribute conditioned (or heated) air to every room in the house.

Ducted air conditioning prices
Ducted Air Conditioning Prices in Australia: What’s the Going Rate?


Zoning features, like MyAir, allow for greater energy efficiency, flexibility and customisation. 

For example, let’s say you want to crank up the AC while watching the footy, set an entirely different temp for the sleeping bub, and switch it off in other rooms. No worries, you don’t even have to get off the couch – just open up the app and adjust the settings. 

Seamless integration

Ducted air conditioning systems are tucked neatly away in the ceiling of your home. The only visible parts are the vents, and it’s ultra-quiet, so you’ll barely notice it’s there.  

Seamless integration

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

At Hello Breeze, our ducted air conditioning prices include GST and installation. You can expect to pay the following:

  • A small home or apartment – about $6,999 to $9,999 
  • A medium-sized, single-storey home – about $9,999 to $13,999
  • A large or multi-storey home – about $14,000 to $20,000

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

First, you need to consider the number of rooms in your home. The more zones you have, the more expensive ducted aircon becomes.

Estimated installation costs for ducted air conditioning around Australia are: 

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?



New Sales Wales

Western Australia


South Australia

Cost per Hour

Hourly Rate






How Much Does it Cost to Run Ducted Air Conditioning?

It’s impossible to provide an exact figure as a number of factors determine your running costs, such as:

  • The size (kW) and type of system
  • How long you run it for
  • If your home is insulated
  • The set temperatures

If running costs concern you, you can do the following:

  • Check the system’s star rating to choose an energy-efficient system (see below)
  • Improve the insulation of your home 
  • Check to see if you’re getting the best deal with your electricity provider, or shop around for a better one
  • Use the timer settings
  • Use the app to monitor energy usage and adjust if necessary

How to choose an energy-efficient system

You’ve undoubtedly seen Zoned Energy Rating Labels (ZERLs) plastered all over your household equipment. It means they’ve been tested for their power consumption and rated accordingly.

These labels indicate:

  • how much cooling and heating the appliance provides, 
  • how much power it uses, 
  • its noise level, and 
  • its cooling and heating efficiency. 
  • The three climate zones for Australia and our Kiwi mates:
    • hot, 
    • average, and 
    • cold.


To get the most out of your system and boost energy efficiency, we recommend setting these temperatures based on your location:

recommended temperature by region


SE Qld and northern NSW

North Qld, northern WA, NT and Central Aus

South Australia

Southwestern WA


Southeast NSW, Northeast Vic and ACT

Southern Victoria

















Factors that can Affect Ducted Air Conditioning Price

Ducted air conditioning prices depend on:

The size of your rooms

Considering the size and layout of your home will determine the size and type of unit you need. 

For example, a one-bedroom apartment will require a different sized unit to a 4-bedroom house. 

If you’re only looking to heat or cool a one or two-bedder, we recommend a split system.

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices in Australia


Many lucky ducks have the privilege of living by the sea. While this has many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. 

Salt damage. 

Saltwater can settle inside your AC and corrode the condenser coil. This leads to a drop in your system’s efficiency and can reduce the unit’s lifespan.

The good news is that you’ll find plenty of corrosion-resistant air conditioning systems on the market, which knocks that problem on the head. 


Naturally, some brands cost more than others, and you get what you pay for. 

Some brands may appear affordable on the surface but could be more expensive to run over time. 

So, just do a little research on brands, and check out sites like Choice or Canstar Blue to read user and expert reviews.

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty

Installing ducted air conditioning systems isn’t a one-afternoon job. 

Installers have to squeeze into tight spaces, requiring more work to install than split systems. 

Speak with the supplier about installation. Many will offer an on-site visit to provide more accurate costs and timeframe.

Getting Quotes for Ducted Air Conditioning

It’s a bloody great idea to shop around for ducted air conditioning prices. 

Reputable suppliers should have similar systems of around the same capacity at roughly the same price. 

If you receive a quote that’s drastically different from their competitors for a similar model, it could be that they’re just trying to win the job.

Don’t be a tight ar*e and just go with the cheapest quote.

Instead, inspect all the quotes carefully and consider why some packages cost more or less than others. 

For example, you might find that one supplier is quoting for a more expensive but cost-effective inverter system, while another may be quoting on a more basic system and installation is extra. 

Make sure you also check the warranty deets. And take a sticky beak at their online reviews and testimonials.

Be prepared to answer a few questions when you’re shopping around, such as:



Be prepared to answer a few questions when you’re shopping around, such as:

1. Do you have space in your roof or sub-floor for a ducted air conditioning system?

If your home has a flat roof and is built on a slab, there won’t be room to install a ducted air conditioning system. So you’re better off with a wall-mounted split system.  

2. Do you want it primarily for heating or cooling?

This can help the supplier decide whether installing the system in the roof or under the floor is best. You also have the option of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning systems that heat and cool.

3. Is your home single or double-storey?

If your house is double-storey, the installers need to run ductwork in the upper floor ceiling to reach the ceiling cavity of the ground floor. 

However, if your home is single-storey, it’s a more straightforward installation.

Who can Install Ducted Air Conditioning Systems?

Finding adequately trained and licensed installers is crucial. 

Anyone who handles refrigerants and installs HVAC units must hold a licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

What are the Best Ducted Air Conditioning Brands in Australia?

Here at Hello Breeze, we only work with world-class brands built to take on Australian conditions. 

Choose one-phase units with 10 to 14kW for smaller homes or the more powerful three-phase systems with 10 to 20kW, ideal for larger homes. 

And all systems come with a manufacturer-backed 5-year warranty.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUA Series

Aussies love the quiet operation, super-fast heating & cooling and ease of operation of these systems. A peak-cut timer kicks in during peak billing times to minimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs. 

Visit our MHIAA page for more info.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUA Series

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has been heating and cooling Aussie homes for over 45 years. 

The flexible design of their ducted system makes them ideal for installation in existing builds. 

Enjoy cutting-edge technology that’s quiet, simple to use, energy-efficient, and reliable. Check out our Mitsubishi Electric page for more deets.

Mitsubishi Electric

Daikin Inverter Series

Aussie-made Daikin ducted systems deliver maximum capacity output in a compact size. 

Fail-safe logic controls the fan speed on startup to prevent your system from operating in beast mode and chewing through your energy bill. Plus, lightweight single injection moulded Sirocco fans reduce turbulence for more efficient and quieter airflow. 

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info.

Daikin Inverter Series

Haier High Static Ducted

Worldwide industry leader Haier has been cooling homes since big hair bands and fluoro were fashionable. Pre-set fresh air inlets bring in outside fresh air to deliver improved indoor air quality to every space of your home.

Visit our Haier page for more info.

Haier High Static Ducted Prices

Panasonic Inverted Ducted Reverse Cycle

Panasonic’s titan systems kick the Aussie temps right in the goolies. Even when it’s as hot as 46ºC or as nippy as -20ºC. Enjoy significant energy saving and cracking performance year-round. 

For more info, check out our Panasonic page.

Panasonic Inverted Ducted Reverse Cycle Prices

Fujitsu Ducted Reverse Cycle High Static Series

What is the best air conditioner brand in Australia? 

Just ask Mark Taylor! 

Dinki-di Aussies across the country have also given Fujitsu a big fat thumbs up. They’ve voted it the most trusted brand in the air conditioning category for 3 years running. 

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more info.

Fujitsu Ducted Reverse Cycle High Static Series - ducted air conditioning prices

Samsung Duct S2 Series

In 2020, Aussie consumers gave Samsung 4 out of 5 gold stars for overall customer satisfaction with their air conditioners. 

Cutting-edge technology using Twin BLDC Compressors reduce vibrations by 75%, creating less noise than conventional compressors. 

Check out our Samsung page for more info.

Taken a fancy to any of these systems? We’d be stoked to have a chin wag about our ducted air conditioning prices. We’ll also help you decide the best system for your home, needs and budget.

Samsung Duct S2 Series - ducted air conditioning prices

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