What Makes a Smart Air Conditioner So Smart?

Everywhere we go, people are talking about their smart-this and smart-that. What's all the fuss about so-called ‘smart’ air conditioners?

What is a Smart Air Conditioner?

Watching a smart air conditioner at work is like watching Molly Meldrum win half a mill on the telly. Clearly intelligent -  ingenious even! But you’re not really sure how it happened.

We could all see the driving force behind Molly’s win, but what makes a smart air conditioner so smart?

In the heating and cooling industry, "smart" means the unit can connect to other smart home appliances. Smart air conditioners are generally wall-mounted units and come with WiFi air conditioner control capability.

That means you have total power over your home's temperature, 24/7. And you can control it from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Turn it on and off remotely, set it to reach, and maintain whatever temperature you want, wherever you are.

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How Do Smart Air Conditioners Work?

With air conditioner WiFi control at your fingertips, you can turn your AC on via a tablet, smartphone, or another device - no matter where you are. And if you prefer voice-activated control, it's possible to have your smart air conditioner hooked up to devices like Alexa.

You don’t have to use remote WiFi air conditioner control and can always operate the unit manually. 

smart air conditioner remote

Can I Make My Air Conditioner Smart?

Do you already have MyAir air conditioning? Sweet. It's simple enough to upgrade to a smart system. A technician can come to your home and seamlessly integrate all the smart WiFi functionality so that your home's AC system is as smart as a tack.

However, it’s far more cost-efficient and energy-efficient to have a brand-new smart AC system installed. 

wifi smart air conditioner

Which Brands Do We Recommend?


This leading brand comes with smart device and voice command control. Enjoy total smart-home integration and connect all your appliances to control them from one device.


With Fujitsu, technology is power. Units come with programmable temperature scenarios, a user-friendly touchpad, variable-air-volume control, and versatile mounting options.


“Control-from-anywhere technology." Set the sleep mode for quiet nights, and the eco-sensor boosts energy efficiency.


Highly advanced tech with intuitive voice control, LAN control for wireless connectivity, an easy-to-use keypad, and infra-red sensor technology.


The Samsung smart air conditioner features MyWind fully programmable settings, timers, error notifications, and automatic filter cleaning.

MyAir Installation

MyAir is efficient, zoned air conditioning. You have the power in your hands to control every room's individual temperature year-round. 

The significant advantage of MyAir technology is that you only heat and cool the rooms and areas that need it.

Why waste energy on an empty room? 

Why set temperatures too low or high while you sleep and only need comfort in one room? 

MyAir technology is easy to use and works with all the major brands. Save money on your monthly power bills, enjoy room-by-room comfort control, and add to the overall value of your home.

Ready to upgrade your home for the ultimate smart home experience? Contact us for a MyAir Air Conditioning System quote now!

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