What is Hydronic Heating?

As old man winter begins to stick his unwanted head around the corner, it could be time to start looking for new heating solutions for your home.

Hydronic heating has been the norm for two-thirds of homes worldwide for decades. But now, more Aussie homes are choosing to battle those chilly wintery days and nights with this form of clean, silent and efficient heat. 

Welcome to hydro heating —the new generation of luxury home heating.

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What is hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating is the pinnacle of luxury.

These systems use water to move heat from gas boilers or heat pumps through sealed piping to each room of your home. 

They’re usually installed in concrete slabs and emit heat through radiator panels and towel rails.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is a super cost-effective form of home heating that merges smart energy and innovation to bring the most efficient heating system to your home.

How does hydronic heating work?

A heating pump or radiator boils the water and distributes it through water pipes in the walls or the floors. 

The water then reaches radiators and heated towel rails, delivering deliciously toasty heat where you need it most. 

Hydronic underfloor heating systems distribute the water around piping coils under the floor, heating the entire surface area. 

As the water heats up, the heat radiates from and into the walls and floor, which accumulates, creating a thermal mass. This allows the heat to linger for longer, requiring less energy input to support consistent temps, even in sub-zero settings. 

Hydronic heating is also commonly referred to as radiant heating. Based on radiant energy, heat transfers from a source to an object — like the heat from the sun. 

What is hydronic heating fueled by? Boilers can be fuelled by electricity, gas, wood or biofuels.

Hydronic heating systems deliver consistent heat maintained at much lower temperatures as no fans, vents, or ducts are involved. 

For this reason, its energy efficiency is unparalleled, which helps you make mammoth savings on your utility bills in the long run. 

Hydronic heating is an ultra-indulgent heating system available in assorted designs to suit different buildings types, sizes, individual tastes, usage, needs, and budget. 

How does hydronic heating work?

How much does hydronic heating cost?

For example, a hydronic heating installation in an existing three-bedroom home with around eight panels would cost between $7000 and $10,000. A new build would cost slightly less. 

For floor heating, allow $60 per square metre based on 120 square metres.

Give our team a call on 1300 712 732, and we’ll discuss a more accurate hydronic heating cost over the phone.

What are the benefits of hydronic heating?

Increased Comfort

Because hydro heating distributes heat evenly, you’re avoiding uncomfortable hot spots, warm draughts, or smells. In addition, these systems run silently, and you can personalise your heating requirements.


Some fan-forced heating systems can circulate allergens, dust and airborne contaminants. It can also dry out the air, affecting our skin, eyes, sinuses and throats. However, hydronic heating is ideal for allergy sufferers and produces a gentle, hygienic, pleasant heat with improved air quality.


No noisy fans, ducts or drafts. Enjoy silent and controlled heat circulation.

Efficient & Cost-effective

As water is a better conductor of heat than air, heat is transferred more easily around your home. So, rooms can be maintained at lower temperatures which consume less energy. Plus, as radiant heat doesn’t increase the air pressure, it prevents warm air from being pushed out through cracks around doors or windows. 

Total Control

Modern hydronic heating systems also allow complete control of the ambient temperature via a thermostat. Adjust each room’s temperature according to individual needs. This reduces your energy consumption which means lower environmental impact and less money to the utility company.

Low Maintenance

A hydronic heating system requires minimum upkeep and will run for years with little to no maintenance.

Idiot Proof

As hydronic heating systems emit radiant heat, the panels never get too hot. The gentle warmth provided means even Mr Snuggles can sit on top of radiator units without singeing his toosh.


Fewer moving parts means fewer things can go wrong.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing an efficient heating system goes a long way towards a low carbon footprint. Heat pumps are the most environmentally sound heat source.

How to install hydronic heating? 

How to install hydronic heating?

Only a licensed plumber should install hydronic heating systems. 

A plumber will have the expertise to install your hydronic heating system into a new or existing home. Plus, they will also ensure your warranty remains intact should something go wrong.

But that doesn’t mean you need to get Googling for plumbers in your area.

When you purchase a hydro heating system through Hello Breeze, we take care of the installation for you. As a result, we’ll ensure you have peace of mind with your installation, saving you time and money in the long run.

Phone us for a consultation on 1300 712 732, or request a quote online.

All you need to do is book the service, arrange payment, and set up an appointment. One of our licensed rockstar installers will show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the day and time you select to install your system. 

You’ll have your hydronic heating installation project complete ASAP, and you’ll have nice, toasty heat warming your spaces in no time.

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