Samsung 3.5kW Split System


Geo+ Series (AR12TXHYCWKNSA)

Don’t suffer the Aussie heat for another summer. Instead, invite a relaxed, refreshing and calming atmosphere into your home year-round a top-tier air conditioner from Samsung. 


Cool down your spaces quickly and efficiently with a Samsung Geo+ 3.5 kW split system. These little rippas are so quiet; you’ll barely notice they’re running.

Key Features

  • DuraFin™ Plus technology provides optimum corrosion resistance of the heat exchanger coil

  • The wide blade and air intake area disperse cool air far and wide

  • A National Asthma Council of Australia approved Tri-Care filter 

  • An intuitive icon displays temp and key operating functions, including energy usage

  • Good Sleep Mode adjusts the airflow direction and fan speed for a comfy snooze

  • Whisper-quiet (17 - 40 dBA)

  • Uses environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant

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Samsung 3.5 kW split system


Model Number


Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


Energy Labels

Hot ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩½
Average ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩
Cold ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩½

What do the energy labels mean? We unpack it all here

Samsung's Digital Inverter Boost technology maintains your desired climate by reducing fluctuation to reduce energy usage. That means less dough you need to fork over to your electricity provider.

With a Samsung 3.5 kW split system installed, everyone breathes cleaner, fresher air. First, the three-layer, high-density filter removes large dust particles, fibres and stray hairs from Fido and Mr Snuggles. Then, the Zeolite coating captures finer particles and annihilates harmful viruses, bacteria and allergens.

When you switch off the unit, the Auto Clean function cranks on to remove excess moisture to reduce the growth of bacteria.

If you live in the stickier, more humid areas of ‘Straya, you’ll appreciate the dehumidification function. When it’s hotter than a shearer’s armpit, the unit removes the moisture from the air and replaces it with cool, dry air.

Want more product info? Visit the manufacturer’s website or our Samsung page.

What sized room does this AC suit?

3.5kW AC units are best suited to rooms sized 25 to 38m², such as medium-sized bedrooms and home offices.

What sized room does this Samsung 3.5 kW split system  suit?


From Banana Benders to Taswegians, Samsung ACs are designed for all Australians. With this in mind, the Samsung 3.5 kW air conditioner comes with a complete 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Price Range

The price depends on the time it takes our legendary installers to set up your unit. But don’t worry, they go like the clappers and will have your new AC installed quick-smart.

All homes are different, so a Samsung 3.5 kW air conditioner will set you back in the range of $2190 and $2670, including GST and installation.

How to make an appointment for installation with Hello Breeze

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We’re an Aussie-owned and operated company with unbeatable service and a 5-star reputation. Once you decide on a Hello Breeze split system, the process is a breeze:

1. The Call

First, we'll have a convo to learn about you, your home, and what you want to achieve with your climate system. Then we’ll give you a customised, BS-free recommendation.

2. The Quote 

Get a quote online! Or, we may be able to give you some figures over the blower. We won’t pull the wool over your eyes—we’re always transparent with our pricing, and we’re super competitive.

3. Book It

Once you give us the nod, we’ll organise one of our certified tradies to install your unit on the day that suits you. 

4. Install It

Our installation Specialists will show up when you tell them to, ready to install your swish new AC. 

The Hello Breeze team of professional, licensed, and insured installers will always: 

  • Be on time 
  • Install quickly and efficiently
  • Take our rubbish with us. And won't leave dirty footprints!
  • Provide a certificate of compliance upon completion; and
  • Give you a full product demonstration, so you’re good to go!

5. The Follow-up

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. So if you go with a Samsung 3.5 kW air conditioner installation, a Hello Breeze team member will follow up to check that everything is peachy.

But, hey, sometimes sh*t happens. We’re not going to leave you like Robinson Crusoe. So, if you need help, contact us ASAP. We’ll get onto it faster than a senior to the pokies on pension day.

What Now?

We’re sure our guide on the Samsung 3.5 kW split system will help you in your search for the best air conditioner in Australia for your home and budget.  

Snap to Australia! Get on the dog and bone and chat with us on 1300 712 732 about your home climate needs today!

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