Should I Repair or Replace My Gas Ducted Heating System?

On most days we enjoy weather that’s beautiful one day, perfect the next. But, in some parts of Australia - yes, we’re talking about Brisbane and Gold Coasts - the weather can turn on you like a rabid dog in an instant. 

Usually, you’d have your trusty gas ducted heating system for comfort. But, while your unit may have been going great guns last winter, this year - it’s carked it.

So, does that mean you should look into gas ducted heating servicing or replacing your system?

Gas Ducted Heating Repairs

Most gas ducted heating systems last for 15 years. But, one that hasn’t been well-maintained or is older than ten years can play up like a rusty lawnmower. Thinking about heating system repairs you need to understand that your unit may be using more gas and electricity, which you’ll spot on the power bill. 

But, the biggest problem with old systems - carbon monoxide (CO2) could be silently poisoning you and your family. 

Do you live in the State of Victoria? New legislation forces homeowners and landlords to service their old gas heaters every two years by a qualified gas fitter. 

So, you could get a gas fitter out to perform a service. But, they’re as scarce as hen’s teeth, and it could end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Throwing money at an old, inefficient system makes as much sense as mayo on a meat pie - and you’d just be kicking the can down the road. 

Instead, ripping out the old unit and replacing it with a brand-spanking-new-one is just the ticket.

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Upgrade Your Gas Ducted Heating System

The good news is, new systems don’t carry any of the same risks as the older units. 

Consider your family’s safety (or your tenants) and buy a new, high-quality heating system. It will be much more cost-effective than servicing your old one.

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that, unlike living in a house with teenagers - your gas ducted heating system is free of drama. Plus, there’s no need to wait for the techie or replacement parts that seem to be on the slow boat from China. 

You’ll experience more consistent temps, a constant flow of clean, heated air, and no more worries about mould, mildew, or CO2 poisoning.

What is the Best Ducted Heating System? 

We install high-quality brands, including Bonaire, Braemer, and Brivis ducted heating systems. Upgrading to a new gas ducted heating unit may cost you a few extra bucks upfront. But this far outweighs the potential ongoing repair bills - and the endless whingeing that’ll come with not having a working heater.

We know you’re flat chat  - forget the stress and wasting time dealing with your old gas ducted heating system. Let us do the hard yakka for you and replace your heating system with a new, energy-efficient unit.

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At Hello Breeze, we’ll help you find which gas ducted heating system is best for your budget and home. Crack open a tinny, and have a yarn with us on 1300 712 732, or ask us for a gas ducted heating unit price today!

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