Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioner?

Your air con’s on the fritz!

What do you do? Fix it up or shell out for a new one? There’s a bit to consider if you can repair or need to replace your air conditioner. So let’s dive in!

How Old is Your Air-Con?

Old mate has seen you through some scorchers, and we get it - why fork out for a sparkly new unit when the old one’s just fine? This is the first question to ask yourself, and arguably the most important.

A newer air-con is a no-brainer. Get a technician out and, unless there’s a major fault, fix it up. Even better if it’s still under warranty.

But if your air-con is approaching or older than 10 years, it’s probably a good idea to tip your hat and say your goodbyes. There are energy and environmental worries, your warranty’s likely expired, plus sourcing parts can be like finding a snowman in a blizzard.

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What Condition is it in?

A well maintained unit can be worth fixing, but some have lived a hard life. External wear alone can stop efficient heat transfer and badly affect performance. And if you can see external damage you can usually bet there’s internal damage, too.

To make it worse, sometimes you don’t know how bad the damage is until you’ve already replaced your air conditioner's component just to find another doesn’t work. Repair an air conditioner costs can quickly blow out for a unit that just needs the boot.

Check Your Bills

If you find you’re paying an arm and a leg for your electricity your air-conditioner could be to blame. 

Huge electrical bills can be caused by an older aircon unit in need of replacement, or the sign of a serious problem. Complex air conditioner repairs can be pricey, and modern units are more energy efficient. If this is you, you should look into a replacement of your air conditioner.

Had Renovations Done?

Renos make your house grouse, but they also affect the air flow through your home. In some cases, drastically. 

Added rooms? Increased the square footage of your home? You may now have a wildly inappropriate unit for the space, or not enough units! Definitely worth your time checking in to see whether a new unit is needed.

Quality Of Life

Many modern units come with allergen filters and are whisper quiet. 

You might have a noisy unit that’s keeping you up at night, which could mean anything from dodgy design - which means you have to replace your air conditioner - to loose or broken parts - which could be a simple fix. 

Some people find a strange smell coming from their air-con - an indication of dirty or mouldy vents. This can be harmful so get this seen right away.

If you have concerns about the quality you’re getting from your air-conditioner, it’s best to have a professional assess your unit and needs.

You Just Want an Upgrade

Say no more!

People “um” and “ah” about whether it’s worth repairing or replacing their air conditioner but the bottom line is - they want an upgrade! And we can’t blame them!

If assessments and fixes seem too complicated and you’ve got your heart set on getting a shiny new unit (maybe you want to upgrade to ducted?) - we’re here to help!

There are loads of models ranging in price and features. We can make your search a breeze.

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