Panasonic Split System 2.5 kW


(Model CS-RZ25WKRW)

A global leader in the air conditioning world, Panasonic is a company on an endless crusade for kick-ar*e innovation. Panasonic split system 2.5 kW units will help Aussie homes achieve superior climate comfort, year-round. 

Key Features

  • Anti-bacterial filters eliminate airborne contaminants

  • Efficient iAUTO-X technology automatically switches fan speeds according to the difference in the temperature of the room and the set temperature

  • Ultra-quiet operation (19-40 dBA)

  • R32 refrigerant for energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact

  • Wired, wireless or wi-fi control options

  • Compact outdoor units

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panasonic split system 2.5kW


Model Number


Cooling Capacity


Heating Capacity


Energy Labels

Hot ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩½
Average ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩
Cold ZoneCooling✩✩✩✩

In a tizz about energy labels? Take a squiz at our blog, where we explain what they all mean.

Why Choose a Panasonic Split System 2.5 kW?

A Panasonic 2.5 kW split system will not only effectively heat or cool your home, but will also improve the quality of the air you breathe.

From Bananaland to the Apple Isle, Panasonic air conditioners are designed to smash through our harsh Aussie climate. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling for outdoor temps up to +46˚C. And, these cracking units won’t miss a beat heating your home if it’s as chilly as -15˚C. Also, the internal components can withstand the destructive effects of salty air, wind, dust, and rain.

Panasonic’s air purification system uses Nano X technology to limit the growth of allergens, mould, bacteria, viruses, and pollution. It’ll also deodorise your space and remove any lingering odours from last night’s takeaway.

Having people over? The Panasonic 2.5 kW air conditioner adjusts its capacity using inverter technology. That means the more people in the room the harder your unit works. On the other hand, fewer people means your system reduces its output—right down to 0.85kW at minimum power. 

Want more deets on the CS-RZ25WKRW? Visit the manufacturer’s website or our Panasonic page.

What size room does Panasonic split system 2.5 kW suit?

2.5 kW units are best suited to rooms around 20m­², such as kids’ or guest bedrooms, the study or a small kitchen.

Panasonic split system 2.5kW. What size room does this AC suit?


Panasonic engineers their systems to ensure years of climate-controlled comfort for Aussie homes. But, for your peace of mind, the CS-RZ25WKRW is backed by a full 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Price Range

The Panasonic split system 2.5 kW price depends on how long our rockstar installers take to set up your unit. But don’t worry, they can install a unit with their eyes closed (but they won’t). So you’ll have your brand-new unit up and running quick-smart.

A CS-RZ25WKRW unit will cost between $1770 and $2150, inc GST and installation.

How to make an appointment for installation with Hello Breeze

Panasonic split system 2.5 kW. How to make an appointment for installation with Hello Breeze

Join our growing list of satisfied customers, who continue to award us with 5-star ratings. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the Panasonic 2.5 kW air conditioner, the process is a breeze:

1. The Call

We'll start with a gasbag about your climate system needs. Then we’ll give you a personalised, BS-free recommendation.

2. The Quote 

Start now and get a quote online! Or, when we have a chat over the phone, we may be able to give you an estimate. We’re ultra-competitive and always upfront about our products, process and pricing. 

3. Book It

Once you’re ready to move forward, one of our accredited tradies will arrive on the dot, ready to install your new AC on your selected day and time. 

4. Install It

Our installation superstars will fit your shiny new unit and then give you precise, hands-on training before they take off.

The Hello Breeze team of professional, licensed, and insured installers will always: 

  • Be on time 
  • Install quickly and efficiently
  • Take our rubbish with us. And won't leave dirty footprints!
  • Provide a certificate of compliance upon completion; and
  • Give you a full product demonstration, so you’re good to go!

We serve cities: SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneGeelongSunshine CoastGold CoastTorquayPerthDarwinAdelaideCairnsCanberra, and overall Australia. 

5. The Follow-up

We want you to be as happy as a pig in mud. So, after your Panasonic split system 2.5 kW installation, one of our friendly team members will give you a bell to make sure everything is A-OK. 

But what if your new unit goes berko all of a sudden? Don’t worry; we won’t leave you like Robinson Crusoe. Just give us a bell, and we’ll get your issue sorted pronto.

What Now?

We’re sure you’ll find the Panasonic split system 2.5 kW is the best air conditioner in Australia for your home and budget.

Wake up Australia! Take control of your home climate and chat with the Hello Breeze team on 1300 712 732 now!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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At Hello Breeze, we’ve done the hard work sorting the great from the good to provide you with the best products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve established strong relationships with the world’s most reputable brands to ensure you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also getting the best support money can buy too!

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