Gas Ducted Heating vs Reverse Cycle

If you’ve ever found yourself shaking like a leaf in the comfort of your own home, then the chances are that you’ve thought about investing in a heating system. Wise move. 

So, you're fed up with being chilly at home and you’re ready to purchase a heating system to keep you nice and toasty, but you’re not quite sure which one to go for?

Luckily for you, Hello Breeze is on hand to give you the lowdown on two of the most popular choices on the market. So let's start our review on Gas ducted heating VS reverse cycle!

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Spot the Difference

Both systems feature heating units that are typically installed on the outside of your home. They then spread heat throughout your home via ducts to keep you as snug as a bug!

Ducted Reverse cycle

A ducted reverse cycle system uses electricity to heat your home by extracting air from outside and transporting it through heat pumps. This creates warm air which spreads throughout your home via ducts in the ceiling or floor, offering a super-efficient way to keep you warm in winter. Reverse cycle heating can also reverse the process (hence the name) and turn hot air cold, meaning it’ll have you covered on those sweaty summer days too!  

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating works by drawing in the air which is then heated by gas (surprise, surprise). The air is then distributed throughout your home via ducts in the floor or ceiling. However, gas heating lacks the ability to create cool air, so if you live in some of the warmer parts of the country - be warned - you will have to purchase a separate cooling system. We call this add-on cooling.

Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve got to meet our two heating heroes, what are the ups and downs of each product and which system best fits your needs?

Ducted Reverse cycle


  • More energy efficient and growing in efficiency
  • Provides both heating and cooling 
  • More cost-effective in the long term
  • More sustainable and works well with solar energy
  • Can be operated by MyAir app, control your home’s climate with the click of a button


  • Installation can be a little bit pricier 
  • Can take a bit longer to heat your home

Gas Ducted Heating


  • Can be slightly cheaper to install
  • Heats up small rooms quickly
  • Performs well in cold climates


  • Less efficient
  • Produces carbon monoxide so may require more maintenance 
  • Cannot provide cool air unless a separate cooling system is bought
  • Gas prices are prone to fluctuating

What Is the Right System for you? Gas Ducted Heating vs Reverse Cycle

Before you pick up the phone and place your order, here are a few things to consider:

  • Where you live. For those of you living in areas where the climate is pretty mild during winter, (Queenslanders listen up), we would suggest going for a ducted reverse cycle. As the temperature rarely drops below six degrees, and you’re going to need that cooling system in summer, that's for sure!
  • The size of your house and the rooms you plan on using the heating in most. If you are planning on just heating a few small rooms in your house, then perhaps a smaller reverse cycle model or gas ducted system will do the trick. But if you want to warm up your whole house and larger open plan rooms, then a larger reverse cycle unit might be just the heater you’ve been looking for all along!

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So, now that you’re a heating expert, it's over to you! It’s time to get yourself a heating system and snuggle on down to cosy town! 

But if you feel like you’re still a bit unsure or would like some help making a decision, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 712 732, and one of the Hello Breeze team will be there to help answer all of your burning questions!

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